Los Cuatro Amaneceres Spa is the only destination spa close to Buenos Aires. Located on 65 pristine and natural acres in Mercedes County, this all-inclusive resort offers health-enhancing programs and spa treatments for both women and men in a casual environment.

Los Cuatro Amaneceres Spa is conveniently located within a short driving distance of Buenos Aires, 99 km thru highways, one hour trip by car.

All-inclusive packages feature complete use of spa facilities, unlimited participation in scheduled activities and programs, three delicious meals daily plus tea time, and charming overnight accommodations. Private accommodations as well as double occupancy rooms are available.

Fitness facilities at Los Cuatro Amaneceres Spa encompass a fully yoga gym, a roofed heated pool and a bright and spacious open pool.

Guests can enjoy a diversified yet balanced fitness experience through independent workouts in gym or by participating in their choice of yoga, tai-chi or dancing exercise classes. Either way, the Los Cuatro Amaneceres fitness program is designed to energize the body, release tension in a soft manner.

Pleasure and Health Spa
Tomas Jofre (Ruta 42, Km 8) s/n
(CP6600) Mercedes, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
(54) 011-53535030
Spa Los Cuatro Amaneceres is close to Buenos Aires, just 99 km far from the Center of the City.
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